Friday 4 July 2014

Sienna's toddler room inspo!

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In Wednesday's post I mentioned that I am so excited to re-do Sienna's room so I thought I'd do a little mood board as I was feeling quite inspired, I can already see how I want it to look. I feel like she needs it a bit more grown up already and being the indecisive cancerian I am, I've already changed my mind about some of the things she has in her room (see her old room tour here).

I want to tone down the pink and I think I want to go more along the white/floral/pastel route but with some darker wicker and wood included to stay in theme of the whole house.
Luckily, we already have Sienna's toddler bed but if you are looking for any kid's bed, Carpetright have a few different styles so are worth looking at.

siennas toddler room

The one thing I really want is to set up a little dressing up station for her. She already has her mirrors in the corner and she loves dressing up so I think she'd really enjoy it. The little clothing rails are adorable, I can't wait to get her a pair of those plastic heels we all used to have, I used to love mine!

I definitely want a big pin board for her biggest wall, we can pin photos, cards and all her pictures and collages she makes, I think it will be a great thing to have in her room! We also need a lot more storage, she has way too many toys! I love the wicker baskets and I could make them a bit more girlie and toddler like by adding some hearts and bunting etc! We also really need a new reading set up, she has so many more books now than when I bought her little bookcase.. I'm not sure what to do though, wether to buy a bigger bookcase or get those shelves for the wall that everyone else seem to have… they do look cool! 

For the finishing touches, I love this floral bunting from eBay and this cute bunny lamp. She doesn't have many finishing touches at the moment and I think these will finish off the room and add to the more 'grown up' feel!

What theme does your toddler have in their bedroom?

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