Saturday 21 June 2014

Our new hallway mirror!

Last weekend while Sienna had a rare nap, we got some quick DIY jobs done. They were only simple things like putting up mirrors and things but I think simple additions like that can make such a difference to how a house looks and feels.  

I recently got this gorgeous wicker mirror from Rex London and knew it would look great in our hallway! I love the wicker effect of the mirror, it gives a very country almost rustic feel but is well made and a good size. I love the fact it is portrait as well as it is a little bit more unusual. I actually hung this myself so I'm very proud, I used a drill, rawl plugs and everything! haha! Before it was just a bare wall so it makes such a difference to finally have something up there. As it is a portrait mirror and as the wall is quite big, I felt like it needed something else on the wall too. I had a quick lightbulb moment of using my Origrami photos down the side and I think together it looks fab!  It's given the hallway a more homely feel to it rather than being bare. I think I need to get the wicker heart mirror for our downstairs toilet now! 

What do you think of my DIY?

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