Wednesday 25 June 2014

5 quick and safe ways to get rid of your post baby weight!

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It is an unfortunate reality for many women, but getting into shape post-pregnancy tends to be much harder than it ever was pre-pregnancy. However, there are some great ways to lose weight quite quickly and feel good as you do so.
Post-delivery, many women want a quick fix to the issue of baby weight. It’s not unusual for women to crave their former figure and fitness levels back to those that they enjoyed before falling pregnant. For some women, this drive is so intense that they will try many different approaches! Click here for more information about procedures for post-pregnancy weight loss.

A word of caution: Don’t go too hard too soon

While there are ways to successfully lose weight and shape up after pregnancy, it’s important to respect the fact that the body needs time for recovery after labour and delivery. It’s advisable that you wait until your six-week check-up before you really get serious about dieting and working hard to slim down.
For breastfeeding mothers, most physicians recommend waiting until your baby is two months old before attempting to lose weight. For all mothers, but particularly nursing mothers, a healthy, nutritious diet is very important.
If you do try to lose weight too intensely too soon, you may actually feel more tired and, when you have a newborn baby, you need all the energy you can get. Very often, patience pays off – by giving your body a chance, you may well be surprised by how much weight you can lose naturally.

When you are ready, how can you lose weight quickly and safely?

#1: Get exercising

When regular exercise is combined with a healthy diet, you stand a good chance of losing weight quickly and safely. The best thing is that this can be a long term solution and lifestyle change. By making sensible changes, you are much more likely to keep the weight off.
Simply, try to be more active and eat a little less when you are trying to lose the kilograms and keep them off. Exercise is a crucial component of weight loss as it helps to ensure you lose fat rather than muscle. Even if it is just taking your baby out for a quick walk in his or her pram, get out and be active.,/p>

#2: Be strict about your diet, but don’t be too restrictive

While you want to lose weight quickly, it’s vitally important to do this safely. At a minimum, women need 1200 calories each day to stay healthy, but most women need more than this to maintain good energy levels and enjoy a stable mood state. A minimum of 1800 calories per day should be consumed by breastfeeding mothers, who should avoid dieting too quickly if they want to maintain their milk supply.
To lose weight safely, begin by cutting about 500 calories per day from your existing diet. This can be achieved by reducing your food intake or increasing your activity levels.

#3: Try eating smaller meals more often

Avoid the temptation to skip meals – you need the energy. However, eating smaller meals more often (perhaps five or six per day), as well as healthy snacks, can better match your appetite and schedule. Good examples of small meals are: carrot sticks, half a sandwich, a piece of fruit or a glass of milk.

#4: Eat your breakfast

Before long, you’ll be encouraging your baby to do the same, but eat your breakfast! Breakfast is important as it stops you from feeling so hungry throughout the day and can provide you with the energy needed to be more active.
Evidence also shows that weight loss efforts can be thwarted by skipping breakfast. Studies tracking people who have lost weight and kept it off for more than a year show that these people most commonly eat breakfast every day.
It’s also important to eat as slowly as possible and be aware of the signs that your body gives that it is full.

#5: Select your food and drinks wisely

There is plenty of research to show that weight loss is aided through the consumption of low-fat and dairy products, as well as whole grain products, like whole-grain breads and cereals. It’s also wise to choose foods that are low in fat and high in fibre, including a range of fruits and vegetables which make great healthy snacks.
To increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables, make smoothies, use fruit or vegetable salsas or sauces with vegetable reductions.
Reducing the fat that you consume provides quite an easy way to reduce your calorie intake and try to eliminate the extra calories that exist in sugary foods.
If you follow safe, recommended and proven strategies, losing your post-delivery baby weight does not need to be a major problem.

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