Saturday 31 May 2014

Toddler language

I always used to wonder how Mothers understood their toddlers. With mouthfuls of food, flapping arms they'd go running up 'mummy, mummy' only for that to be followed with quite frankly, a load of gobbledegook.. I'm talking about the toddlers obviously ;)

But now I get it. 

These days Sienna never stops talking. She copies everything I say and understands a lot. She can now say 4 or 5 words in a row and some things are very clear 'I want to..' is undeniably clear. She is always saying 'I want to eat' or 'I want to nap nap' or my favourite, 'I want to cuddle mummy', aww!

But obviously, some phrases are still unclear. She either can't pronounce something properly or gets the words the wrong way round. Or sometimes she just misses out the middle words completely. One of her favourites is 'Mummy me' or 'Daddy me' etc. What she means is actually 'Mummy/Daddy look at me' if she has something new or is doing something new but can't fathom the 'look at' bit hehe.

Another thing she says is ah-man-ah. If you're putting her shoes on and you've already put one on, she'll say ah-man-ah as in 'and the other one' or 'another one'. She says this a lot and most of the close family know what this means now but even Warren will come up to me and ask me what a certain word means if she is saying it a lot and he doesn't know what she wants.

Of course, there are times she is just babbling and I don't know what she means or what she wants but for the most part, we can communicate really well and it's like we have our own little language. I always love how they make up their own names too. For some reason Grandma (Warren's mum) is 'Golly' even though she can say Grandma. Grampy (my dad) is 'Biddy' for whatever reason, we have no idea where that one came from!

I love that I can understand her so well yet she still makes up her own little words and language. I just love her at this age so much!

What 'special' words do your little ones have?

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