Tuesday 20 May 2014

LipSense long lasting liquid lip colour

I love wearing lipsticks but I must admit, these days when I'm rushing around after a toddler or losing myself in piles of laundry, lipsticks can be a bit high maintenance, especially if you go for a bolder colour.

I was sent this LipSense lip colour which is supposed to give 12 hours wear as well as being waterproof, non-drying thanks to the Shea Butter and won't transfer. They are made using natural ingredients and with 100% UVA/UVB shield so perfect for the Spring/Summer. The range offers over 35 different shades of lipstick; I went for 'Apple Cider' which is a gorgeous dusky rose colour.

The pigment of these is brilliant and they really do stay put! This swatch above actually stained my hand for the whole day until I showered and scrubbed so I can definitely say they are long lasting. Because of this, I think it is quite a strong formula and it did sting my lips a bit when I first applied it but  it didn't last for very long. The colour itself I did find quite drying when applied on it's own but with the gloss over the top, that all disappeared and it looked gorgeous. I had glossy, vibrant, stay put lips that no amount of toddler slobber could budge ;)

Overall I'm really impressed with these products and they'd be perfect for things like weddings and holidays where you want your lipstick to stay looking flawless without too much touching up or feathering around the edges.

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