Wednesday 7 May 2014

Cocoa Brown 'Lovely Legs' & 'Tough Stuff' review

With Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan being my favourite tan ever, I couldn't wait to try out the Tough Stuff scrub and Lovely Legs spray. If you fake tan regularly you will know that a good scrub is essential for getting and keeping an even tan. 

I must admit I normally go for a Soap & Glory scrub as I just love them but this one is on par with them too. It's pink, smells lovely and does the job, what more could a tanning addict want?! I use it on dry skin as I love a good abrasive scrub, the particles are quite fine so they don't scratch you but really do exfoliate well leaving smooth silky skin before or after tanning. 

The lovely legs was actually a bit too dark/orangey for my liking but I do only like a sun kissed golden tan, nothing much darker than that. The formula was great though, it blended and dried really well and did do a good job of warming up my pale legs, it wasn't patchy and covered nicely. If you like a deeper tan I think you would love it! 


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