Friday 16 May 2014

21 ideas for a 21st birthday gift for her

*This is a PR collaboration

If an extra special lady in your life is turning 21, she no doubt has loads of plans as to what she wants to do...and of course, what she wants for a gift. If you want something for her that’s completely different and outside the box, a great trend we love involves giving her 21 little gifts. Now this does sound like an extremely pricey venture, but some of them can be little and daft; you could have just a few as ‘serious’ ones, perhaps.

If you’re the sort of person that might struggle to think up one or two gift ideas, let alone 21 of them, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of 21 great things that she’s bound to love.

1. A bottle of her favourite bubbly – you could always go for a miniature if you’re keeping costs down.

2. A ‘hangover supply bag’, complete with hangover supplies...

3. Pain killers – she’ll no doubt really appreciate these the next day!

4. Face masks

5. Plasters – for those drunken little accidents! 

6. A nice new glass for her to enjoy her drinks in

7. A personalised mug – great if alcohol is not their forte too. You can get personalised mugs from My Photo Gifts pretty cheaply, too. 

8. Some of her favourite makeup pieces – if you have no idea where to start, a makeup gift set is a good idea. We love this one from Benefit

9. Some nice chocolates or other sweet treats

10. Bath goodies, including bath bombs, bubble bath, salts etc – think about scents and colours that she likes, or go for something with a little sparkle to make it even more special. 

11. The special edition of her favourite CD/DVD/book

12. A bunch of her favourite flowers – you could even have them delivered for extra brownie points

13. A nice bottle of perfume – try and go for her favourite scent or perhaps something she used to wear years ago to take her back in time.

14. A pretty scented candle

15. A framed photo of the two of you

16. A scrapbook filled with memories the two of you have together – there are loads of scrapbook sites to help you with this too. 

17. A voucher for her favourite cafe or restaurant – depending on your budget it could be enough for her to go get a coffee and cake on her lunch break, or a full on meal for the two of you.

18. A piece of jewellery, or charm if she has a charm bracelet

19. A protective (but pretty) case for her favourite gadget; i.e. an iPhone, iPad or Kindle cover

20. A keepsake key – there are loads of these about. We love the ones on

21. Tickets to see a gig, concert or show – something that the two of you could go together would be really nice, or you could even arrange for a bunch of you to all go.

What do you think of this idea? I love it! 

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