Sunday 20 April 2014

What's in our wash bags?

I thought I'd share what's in mine and Sienna's wash bags for our holiday. I love these kind of 'What's in my..' type videos so this was the perfect excuse to join in! Above are our wash bags (obviously!), Sienna's Minnie Mouse one is from B&M and my Ted Baker one is from Boots (LINK!)

Sienna has; Toothbrush & toothpaste, cotton buds, shower puff, hair comb, Weleda calendula body lotion (LINK!), Mini Weleda face cream (LINK!) & Mini Weleda hair and body wash (LINK!). 

I have; Cosmetic Waterwipes (LINK!), Effaclar duo (LINK!), Healgel (LINK!), Sanex shower gel, Aussie shampoo & conditioner, My simple cleanser & clinique clarifying lotion in travel pots, 2x sure deodorant, 2x sachets of Cocoa brown tough stuff (LINK!), toothbrush & toothpaste, hair bands and cotton pads. 

Here's the video incase you want to see it in action;

I hope we haven't forgot anything!

*We were sent some of these products to review

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