Thursday 3 April 2014

So I went shopping for Sienna...

The day after I posted my 'A perfect mother daughter day' post, I really felt the urge to just spoil Sienna a bit. I love the fact I earn my own money and love spending it on Sienna so she looks cute and has everything she needs. I love the supermarkets for her clothing as she grows so quick and to be honest, in about a week or two, this will probably all be stained and have to be chucked out! If I had really spoilt her in somewhere like John Lewis, I'd be really annoyed about that! haha! We needed some food anyway so I popped along to Asda to see what I could find…

The first thing I picked up was this cute little jump suit in this pink and white stripe. It's just so adorable, I love the stripes and little bow on the front, it will be perfect for spring layered up with tights and cardigans and then perfect for summer with bare legs too. This one was £6.

I picked up this rather boring white top but she doesn't have many plain tops to go under things like the jump suit so I thought I'd grab it as it was only £3.50. It does have a bit of detail along the neck too so isn't dead boring to wear with just leggings or jeans.

Eee how adorable is this skirt, I just LOVE it! I want one in my size! I love little girls in skirts and tights and Sienna hasn't had one for ages so I just had to pick this up, it will go with so many things and for only £4, I couldn't say no! 

This little outfit is mainly the one I went for. I had spied this online and loved it but I didn't order because I knew we had to physically go to Asda anyway so was just praying they had it. When I found it I literally ran towards it to get her size. The print is a bit retro but I just love the colours and the collared neck, she'd going to look adorable in this! This was £8 for the set which I don't think is too bad! 

The last clothing item I got her was this denim pinafore dress. I nearly went for the dungaree/jump suit in a similar denim however I just find them so fiddly for changing her bum so went for the skirt style again. She already has a denim dress and I only put it on her for the first time last week but I loved it so much I needed another one! This was £7. 

Continuing with the denim obsession I then got her these shoes. How bloody CUTE! I'm so into floral and denim right now so these are spot on and were only £5! They will pretty much go with everything else I bought as well so they were a great choice. 

Lastly I just picked up some more hair bands for her. I put her hair up a lot now as it is getting so long and we only had about 2 left of her pink and white ones! These have more colours in and were only £2 so I thought why not!

Here's the video so you can see them in real life, there's also a few bonus items my mum picked up from the charity shop.

What's your favourite item I bought?

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