Wednesday 16 April 2014

Smashbox Try It Kit

Smashbox is a brand I feel isn't really spoke about much and to be honest, wasn't a brand I'd ever think of looking at. I remember when I used to watch it on QVC there seemed like some great products but then I'd kind of forget about it again and up until a week ago, I had still never branched out and tried anything from Smashbox. 

The best way to try out a new brand is with these little 'try me' kits as it saves wasted money and effort choosing products that you might not like. This 'Try It' kit* popped through my letterbox the other day and put a smile on my face before I'd even had my morning coffee!

It includes 5 samples of their best selling products; The photo finish foundation primer, photo finish lid primer, limitless eye liner in onyx, lip enhancing gloss in Illume and the Full exposure mascara.

The photo finish primer just isn't for me, it says it is oil-free however even from just swatching it, I don't like the texture or feel of it at all. It feels really greasy and slimy and I can't see it working with my oily skin unfortunately, however I think for drier skins it would be perfect! It must be great for most people as it is one of their best sellers, just not great for me.

The photo finish lid primer however is perfect! I haven't used too many lid primers so don't have much to compare it too but what I can say is it evens out the skin tone, disguises any discolouration on the eyelids and really does prime the lids. My lids are normally quite oily and my eyeshadow always creases within a few hours but not with this! It still looks fresh and smooth as the minute I put it on. On days where I'm in a rush I have just been using this, no shadow and some eyeliner and I'm good to go. A definite must have for me now especially in the summer.

The eyeliner is also brilliant, it's a real black and is soft enough to smoke out if you don't like a harsh line but then almost sets so it doesn't move throughout the day. I find it quicker than my gel liner too so have been reaching for this most days!

The lipgloss is gorgeous, it's a lovely nude with a bit of shimmer and really does enhance the lips. Again I've been reaching for this daily as it is a neutral, everyday colour that isn't too pale but goes with every outfit. 

Once again, the mascara is brilliant. It doesn't flake or clump, it gives a great bit of volume and you can build it for a more dramatic look. I haven't experienced any transfer whilst wearing it either even in the little bit of heat we've had so thumbs up so far!

After not loving the foundation primer I felt a bit disappointed however, I really love all the other products and will definitely be repurchasing the lid primer when this runs out as it's so brilliant and is the only thing I've found that actually stops my eyeshadow creasing. You can see it in action here in my Get Ready With Me video!

Have you tried Smashbox? What products would you recommend? 

*I was sent this to review

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