Wednesday 30 April 2014

Organix #nojunkchallenge

Monday marked the start of the #nojunkchallenge week thanks to Organix and Goodies. It's a pledge you make to start feeding your little ones wholesome, real meals and snacks and keep them free from junk. We pretty much always stick to this as I like to stay healthy and eat clean however last week when we were on holiday, it kind of all went out the window! Goodies kindly sent us these 'no junk' snacks which I took with us for Sienna so I knew at least her snacks were clean.

I wasn't sure if she would like the Snappy crocs crisps* as she isn't really a crisps person but she loves them! She does like tomato flavoured things rather than anything cheesy so that's probably why. She also loves the fun shapes and when she wants some will ask for her 'snap snaps'. The RRP for these are £1.00 for a 4 pack of 15g which is great value. I think this is her favourite flavour out of all of them, the others include Carrot Stix, Cheese & Herb Puffs, Noughts & Crosses, Spicy Stars and Tomato, Cheese & Herb Puffs, all of which we have already tried!

She also really loves the rice cakes* and banana oaty bars* but I had no doubt she would; she has a big sweet tooth like mummy, whoops! At least with these I know they are wholegrain and there is no added sugar, salt, colours or flavours so it isn't as bad as chocolate or cake! Sienna actually calls the oaty bars cake so they must be doing something right! I will definitely be stocking up on the other flavours; you can choose from Raspberry & Apple, Apple & Orange, Carrot Cake and Strawberry & Apple. I fancy trying the carrot cake myself! These RRP at £2.49 for a box of 6 x 30g which I think is great value as Sienna doesn't eat one everyday, so they last a while. 

Are you taking part in the #nojunkchallenge?

*We were sent these to review.

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