Thursday 10 April 2014

My Skincare Routine

After the miscarriage last month, my skin went absolutely crazy, not surprisingly, it went through one of it's worst times along with us. I felt like I tried everything and nothing was working so I decided to go back to basics. I went back and watch my skincare routine video from when Sienna was a few months old and I remember my skin being at it's best then, so pretty much went back to that routine except with a few changes.

I am never the type of girl to use facial wipes, I know how bad they are for your skin and with my knowledge of skincare I just can't let myself do it. However, last month I felt like I did kind of give up, I was feeling down, tired and emotional and the last thing I wanted to do was stand at the sink and remove my make-up properly. I just wanted to crawl into bed and fall asleep asap so I could stop hurting. This meant I did turn to the face wipes for make-up remove however, these are the Waterwipes* brands and so are pure, alcohol, paraben and fragrance free and are suitable for daily use. They really are so gentle, they don't sting my face or eyes at all and do a good job of taking off make-up, particularly my eye make-up. If you do like the convenience of wipes, I'd really recommend swapping to these as they are not only practical and effective but better for your skin than any other cosmetic wipe out there. 

Even though I use a wipe to remove my make-up, I still (most of the time) make sure I double cleanse and tone afterwards. My skin just feel so much cleaner and I can't skip toning, I just love it! This Simple facial wash gel cleanser seems to be the only drugstore cleanser that actually works with my sensitive acne prone skin and I have repurchased it numerous times. It's is soap free so doesn't dry out my skin but it a gel, foaming cleanser so really gets rid of all the make-up and grease. This is probably my must have item! For toning, I use the Clinique clarifying lotion as it is a chemical exfoliator so doesn't spread bacteria if you have active spots but still keeps the skin soft, smooth and unclogged. I also find it helps fade my scars/dark marks over time as well.

After toning, I just pop on a moisturiser and I'm done. For the daytime, I use the Effaclar duo from La Roche Posay, this really is as good as everyone says, I have done a full review here. For the night time, I have started using the HealGel Face* and so far I adore it! It doesn't break me out or cause any stinging/reaction, isn't oily but is hydrating enough and really helps my skin heal when I have had a break out. My skin just feels much fresher, plumper and generally just better all round. I think it is my perfect nighttime moisturiser and I won't hesitate to purchase this when it's ran out. 

Like I said, my skin works best with a simple routine and so I only use a face mask once every month or so,when I feel like I really need it. This deep cleansing mask again from Simple is a good combination of hydrating yet purifying. It isn't too drying but does make my skin feel less clogged up and gives it a boost of the vitamins, I really love using it!

Products marked with a * were sent to me to review

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