Friday 18 April 2014

My Jewellery storage

I don't have too much Jewellery, just my everyday pieces and then a few statement necklaces and rings that I pull out occasionally. Because of this, I didn't think I really needed a typical 'jewellery storage' solution however after many hours trying to untangle what little jewellery I do have, I decided it might be best to figure something out. 

These cute geometric suitcases* from Sass and Belle hold my statement necklaces. I have them in order so the ones I wear the least are in the bottom suitcase, up to the top one which holds the ones I wear the most. They do the job really well, I only have about 3 necklaces in each one but there is enough space so they don't get all tangled again and I can clearly find the one I'm looking for. Not only are they practical for storage they are just adorable and look great stacked up on the floor or unit. 

On top of the suitcases, I have this equally as cute rabbit ornament dish* to hold my rings. This is also from Sass & Belle, they just have the cutest home and decor accessories for that shabby chic look! Again it's easy to find what ring I'm looking for but still looks great on my unit. 

To hold my everyday jewellery, I use this little cupboard that came in a set I got. My watch, earrings and silver necklace are on the top so I can grab them easily when I'm getting ready and then inside the doors I have my 'optional' everyday jewellery; a few more bracelets that I wear quite often. In the drawers below, I keep my gold earrings one side and then the few pairs of dangly earrings I own in the other drawer. 

How do you store your jewellery?

*We were sent these items to feature

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