Thursday 13 March 2014

The Mother Metamorphosis

With Mother's Day coming up, it might get a few of us thinking about our Mothers a bit more than we normally do. Many of us will be remeniscing of special moments we've had with them, how much they do for us or how we can really say thanks this year. Or some of us may just be thinking 'Ah, I'm turning into my Mother!'

I thought this was a fun info graphic from Hallmark, I find them much more entertaining to read than just a standard post so thought I'd share it with you lot. I can officially say I do ALL of the top 5 indicators to say I'm turning into my mum however I never say any of the top 10 phrases (yet!) although I remember my mum saying every single one! Haha! When I start saying those is when I'll worry ;)

Infographic from Hallmark.

Do you say any of these phrases yet?!

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