Saturday 29 March 2014

My top items to add to a wall art gallery

Wall art galleries seem to be getting increasingly popular and I have always loved the look of them. It's a great way to fill a big amount of space and I have seen them typically in hallways by the stairs, which is where we plan to create ours. I think it's the perfect way to fill a big amount of space yet still be personal and unique, you can use such a wide range of items and create any shape or arrangement you want. Pinterest is full of so many amazing ideas on what to add to really create a special, unique wall art gallery so here are my top items to add!

1. Family photos.

This is probably the most obvious choice. I plan on waiting until baby number 2 comes along and then getting a big family portrait done. I can then use this as the centre focal point and work around it. 

2. Plaques/Quotes

You can add little plaques or prints with your favourite quotes on. I'm a big lover of quotes as you all know and will definitely be including a few of my favourite ones in the gallery! Tumblr is great for  quotes.

3. Artwork

This is a great way to add in your favourite pieces of art work. It doesn't have to be your typical art work though you can even frame special drawings or painting that the kids have done and add them in. That way it is a true art gallery, without having the expense of shopping for original art, even though prints are more economical than originals. I adore this family tree above, it's something to keep in mind for when we are finally a family of 4 (or more…!)

4. Mirrors 

Mirrors can come in all different shapes and sizes and I love how they look. They also reflect the light to open the space a bit more.

5. Maps.

If you've travelled a lot this is a great idea! Get or create a map and pinpoint all the places you have been as a family, it's a lovely way to remember all your adventures or special places.

What would you add?

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