Thursday 6 March 2014

Mustela Bébé Vanity Case & GIVEAWAY!

After this weekends events, I am even more determined to get most of the products in our house as natural as possible. It may seem silly but it has made me realise even more so how precious Sienna is and I want to use only the best on her now so I know nothing will harm her or her skin. 

Mustela is a french brand that will be perfect for this as they use ingredients derived from natural origins meaning on average the products contain 92% natural ingredients. Mustela's main active ingredients are Avocado, Sunflower, Lupin, Shea and Aloe Vera, all very well known for their amazing benefits and properties. They also use no parabens, phthalates or phenoxyethanol which is amazing. As it is a french brand, it can be quite tricky to get hold of however Farmaline is a brilliant online pharmacy that stocks many baby care brands, including the wonderful Mustela

Farmaline very kindly sent me this gorgeous Vanity Case with 5 products to try and also offered to do a giveaway for you lovely lot. 

The Vanity case includes;

  • 1 gentle soap with Cold Cream Nutri protection 150g
  • 1 Bébé hydrating facial cream 40ml
  • 1 Crème for diaper change 50ml
  • 1 Lotionmilk 200ml
  • 1 Eau de Toilette 200ml

  • The cleansing milk is ideal for cleaning your baby's bottom or topping and tailing when they are first born instead of just cotton wool and water. It is perfectly safe and gentle to use from day one as it is 98% natural ingredients and leaves the skin a lot softer, nourished and hydrated than wipes/water would. This is probably a product I will keep for when the next baby comes along however I have used this a couple times to clean Sienna's face and it really is gentle and effective.

    The Skin freshener is not a concept I have really seen before but having tried it, I love it. It says it is ideally used to remove the cleansing milk however it can also be used as a skin freshener. Sienna is a hot bod like me and has recently had quite bad heat rash on her chest (yep, even if this awful weather!!), so we have been using this to just freshen her up and cool her down and it helps a lot, she loves it! This would be perfect if you're expecting a summer baby and are worried about keeping the cool on days out or you're taking your child on a flight and want to keep their skin hydrated. I think every baby brand should have a similar product in their range! 

    The Hydra Bebe face cream is a gorgeous moisturiser that is really hydrating but leaves Sienna's skin supple not greasy. I have been using this on a few dry patches Sienna has and it has been working wonders; much better than the Johnson's moisturiser or Sudocrem I had been using!

    Using regular soap and water daily on baby's skin can really dry it out so this gentle soap with Cold Cream Nutri Protection is great for everyday use. It has 97% natural ingredients and protects the skins barrier, it is suitable for using on the face and body so is a great all rounder.

    As for the Vitamin barrier cream, it has helped Sienna so much. She is still teething, those pesky double teeth are taking ages to come through and Sienna really suffers with a sore bum when teething. I am normally devoted to Sudocrem but this has really worked wonders so I think it is my new favourite if there is such thing as a favourite bum cream!

    If you'd like to get your hands on this lovely vanity case full of products, just enter via the Rafflecopter below.

    PS. Mustela is currently on sale on Farmaline so if you like the sound of their products, go check them out :)


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