Monday 17 March 2014

Life lately

Life lately has actually been good, really good. I almost feel guilty saying that as I feel people expect it to have been awful after the miscarriage. Those few days after were a bit hazy and obviously I was emotional, I felt down most of the time and not like myself anymore but I knew I had to pick myself up or it wasn't going to help anyone. So I did just that.

Having Warren and Sienna has helped more than anything. Rather than focusing on what I had lost, I am focusing on what I already have and I am so lucky already and hopefully it will only get better. I have really been getting back into my fitness and eating healthily too, it makes me feel good, strong and  hopefully it will help get my body ready for another baby. I get so many questions all the time on what I eat and what workouts I do so I have started doing our weekly meals as videos on my YouTube. I'm thinking about doing a workout one too but not sure how to do it yet!

I've finally got a few new bits for the house too, furniture wise. I have wanted a tall boy for Sienna's bathroom for ages so just got one, tour coming soon! It was flat packed and hard to put together so I then went and ordered a massive unit for the living room, whoops! I swear it said it came assembled but nope, we were delivered a box with about 10904 pieces in that took 5 hours to put together! Needless to say Warren was NOT impressed, he has banned me from buying flat packed furniture so I better stop googling cheap beds and new dining room tables….!

We've also been loving the sunshine this week, I think it has helped me a lot as well as Sienna and I have been out walking most days which not only takes up time in our day but gives me a more positive outlook on things and makes me feel happier. Don't you just feel like a different person when the sun is shining?

What have you been up too?

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