Tuesday 18 March 2014

It's Official- The Most Sought After Outfit In 2013!

It’s March already. With 2014 literally flying by and the spring weather starting to creep into the skies above our island nation its time to ditch the scarf and gloves and look for something new!

But what do you wear? The fashion world is so unpredictable that what you might think is a good idea now, may be labelled something of a faux pas in the press next week. If only there was an outfit that everybody thought looked good.

Well guess what, it turns out that there is! Results courtesy of Internet retailer eBay, have revealed their users most popular outfit of 2013. With over 19 million users using the site this is not something to be sniffed at, so lets have a look at what made the list shall we?

The Jersey Dress

Effortless and light, this dress simply never goes out of style and depending on what colour you decide to pitch for, it can work in almost any occasion. The skater dress in particular was a massive hit in 2013 and is looking to continue to dominate wardrobes throughout 2014.

Parka Jacket

The parka jacket is a classic and was a massive hit in the Autumn/Winter of 2013. Its laid back look not only lends its self to winter however, they can also work in the summertime. Festivals are a massive time to flaunt your style and a parka jacket is sure to look great with short shorts and wellies! They’re also practical and if you’ve ever worn you can preach to the warmth they provide.
Black Boots

A staple of fashion itinerary, black boots are a timeless piece of kit that every girl should have in her wardrobe. They look great with a pair of jeans in the winter and add an edgy vibe to a floral dress or t-shirt and shorts combo in the summer.

Hobo Bag
Big enough to carry your essentials and stylish to turn heads, the hobo bag relaxed and casual, an approach that many of the trends will be taking for SS14. With the jungle trend currently making an impact, this bag is the perfect tie in for what will be a show stopping outfit.

To celebrate these findings, have a look below to watch Katie and Ralf create their own take on the must-have outfit of 2013. 

An interactive infographic brought to you by Ebay

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