Sunday 2 March 2014

3 health gadgets you need!

You may have noticed from a lot of my posts I am really into being healthy rather than just losing weight and being 'skinny'. A lot of people only care what the number on the scale says but I'd rather keep track of how my heart and general health is.

These are 3 of the gadgets that I'd recommend to help get and keep yourself healthy. 

health gadgets

1. This is the Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor. Many people only have their blood pressure checked when they are at the doctors and not feeling well however your blood pressure should be checked more often and ideally before you exercise, we learnt this from our personal trainer who always checks our blood pressure first. This blood pressure monitor is nice and compact, so easy to use and has a colour changing LCD screen to indicate wether your blood pressure is normal, low or high. It can also detect Arrhythmia which is irregular heartbeat. All in all, it is a quick and easy option to keep an eye on that blood pressure.

2. You my have heard of this before, it is the FitBit Flex. A very slim, stylish band that keeps track of your steps, distance and calories burnt during the day. Why I really like this is that it also tracks your sleep quality during the night and wakes you silently. Sleep is so important for our bodies and minds and many of us don't get enough good quality sleep, so this is brilliant to really see just how much you're getting.

3. This looks like a regular scale so you may be thinking, why have I included it since I don't care about the number? Well, this Withings Smart Body Analyzer does track your weight and body composition but what's clever about this is that it can also measure your heart rate, so you can see if all that calorie burning is actually making you fitter inside as well as out. It also monitors the indoor air quality and notifies you when it's time to let some fresh air in, which is fantastic as just like sleep, fresh air is sometimes forgotten about as being important for your health. 

If you're really determined to take care of your body and health, I'd definitely think about getting a few of these. It will do a lot more for you in the future than calorie counting will!

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