Thursday 13 February 2014

Things I do to Relax when the Kids are Asleep!

*This is a guest post

As a parent to two young (six and seven) and slightly hyperactive children as well working as a freelance writer the days can be long and are hard work sometimes, although I would never swap the fact that I get to work from home to spend each day with my family, and I need some 'me time' in the evenings when I have children settled into bed. The following ways are my top methods of relaxing and preparing for another long day starting the next morning.

Having the TV to myself
Once I have dinner prepared and eaten, as well as going through homework after the children come in from school, on these dark, cold and miserable evening's the television in my house is usually under siege by my two youngsters. Peppa Pig and the contents of the Kids section of the TV subscription are all that is shown for a few hours in the evening before teeth cleaning and tucking into bed with a story.
However, once this has been done and the clearing away of discarded toys and general cleaning has been done, the TV is all mine to do as I please! Catching up on the soaps that I've recorded with a glass of wine, followed by a movie puts me perfectly at ease and helps me sleep before the madness begins again!

Play Online Games
Some evenings I want to be alone and either relax in front of the television or soak in the bath, while other evenings I enjoy having conversations with likeminded people while relaxing in front of my laptop playing my  favourite game at LadyLucks Bingo.
There is a great sense of community in the chat rooms at online bingo sites, unlike online poker sites where I have found things can get a little heated at times, but playing my favourite game with some nice conversation, with the chance of winning money too, helps put my at ease each and every time I play. You too can experience this sense of ease by joining me at this free bingo site who are offering a £10 no deposit bingo bonus just for creating an account.

Get Lost in a Good Book
Reading is a great pastime for anyone, and it is something I encourage my children to do as much as possible by purchasing them books as well as reading with them in the evenings, weekends and at bedtime, and when you find the right book it is easy to lose yourself in. This isn't always possible during the day with work and kids, but once they are asleep for the night, especially these cold and wet winter nights, turning on the fire (or the better option of lighting a fire if you have an open fireplace) and relaxing with my favourite book of the moment is the perfect way of shutting yourself from the world.

A Long, Hot Soak in the Bath
During the day, between work and the kids, it is almost impossible to grab a second to myself so once the kids are safely tucked up asleep in bed then it is time for me to hit the bathroom for some much needed alone time.
A long, hot soak in the bath with plenty of bath oils and bubbles, coupled with some low and relaxing music soothes away a long day of working, cooking cakes and buns, cleaning and pleading with children to eat their greens!  

What are your favourites of relaxing once your children are safely tucked up in bed and fast asleep for the night?

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