Thursday 13 February 2014

Natural products for baby

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Since I had Sienna, I have really tried to get a lot of my products in the house as natural as possible. Her skin is so perfect and delicate that I do think about what I am putting on it and I personally, would feel really bad putting a bunch of chemicals on her or in her.

Sienna has been teething really bad lately, even waking in the night which is rare for her. This has left me googling online for natural remedies as I am starting to get a bit funny about dosing her up with calpol 24/7! I noticed that some websites like Napiers have a whole 'baby' section of natural remedies which is brilliant. Even with natural products you can never be sure if they are that natural and safe you can give them to a baby. With a whole little section dedicated to them your mind can be put at ease and you can feel better about what you're using.

We have already got quite a few products in Sienna's 'routine' that are natural, so I thought I'd share them incase you're finding it a bit of a minefield or just want some ideas. I have included some that we don't have yet but are likely to get for her soon!

Natural products for baby

Teetha granules are brilliant. If you haven't tried them and always just reach for the calpol, give them a go! We need to restock these but we used to use them all the time! They also do a teething gel for babies over 3 months.  We also swore by Sienna's amber bracelet to help with the pain when she was younger although I don't think it has much effect now she is older.

Colds, sniffles and sore throats.
This is one I only came across the other day when looking for Sienna's teething remedies however it looks brilliant and I think we should get it for the medicine cupboard! It is Hyland's Baby Tiny Cold Tablets and they are an all natural tablet that dissolves directly on the tongue to help with all the typical symptoms of a cold. This one is only recommended to use from 6 months up though so is not suitable for the newborns. I think it's brilliant how they dissolve and if they work, I'd rather use this over calpol any day!

I swear by arnica is any form! After giving birth I popped some of the pills and I never had that 'been hit by a bus' feeling, my muscles felt fine! I have the cream on hand at all times for Sienna's bruises as she is always bumping herself now she tries to run everywhere! 

Tummy pains/colic.
This is not something I ever used with Sienna as she luckily didn't suffer with colic much, however, I know people that have swore by peppermint tea. You can make it yourself or use a teabag, make it very mild and only give them an ounce. It should get all the wind up and help them relax and get comfortable. You can keep giving them an ounce every couple of hours for however long you need too. If you don't feel happy giving your baby the tea and you breastfeed, apparently if you drink about 3 cups a day the baby will get the effect through the milk as well and it can help that way. 

Dry skin.
Sienna never had that flaky, peeling skin that most babies get and I'm not sure why. The midwives told us not to bath her everyday as it will dry her skin out and so we didn't, maybe that helped? Either way, when we do bath her now, I love giving her a little massage with some oil. It helps her relax ready for bedtime, bond with mummy and is brilliant for her skin. I swear by coconut oil for anything skin related. It is even brilliant for cradle cap, to use as conditioner if you're child has long, tangly hair and even moisturiser for us mummy's! We use the Organic Clearspring coconut oil.

Do you use any natural remedies or products? What would you recommend?

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