Monday 24 February 2014

Healthy snack ideas!

My diet and fitness posts and videos seem to be really popular so I thought I would try and do them more regularly. I always find other peoples snack ideas helpful so thought I'd share mine. I am such a snacker but I try to keep snacks as healthy as possible. I will admit though I pretty much always reach for a sweet snack! I am trying to cut sugar down and swap to savoury or at least use natural sugar sources. I also always try to get a bit of protein in there to help keep me fuller for longer. So without further ado, here are my healthy snack ideas!

Fruit & Cheese.
A good one if you're craving sweet & savoury!

Nakd bars.
I love these Nakd bars and I was so excited about the new Cafe Mocha bar, it is SO good (you might be able to spot one is already gone…!). These natural balance foods snacks are great to throw in your bag when you're going out, Sienna loves these too and they are all natural and raw, so healthy!

 Crisps & dips.
I love these sun bites wholegrain crisps with hummus or guacamole, yum!

These are the typical snacks I grab, when I am really hungry I might have half a carton of soup & crackers, a hard boiled egg and piece of toast or a bowl of cheerios with almond milk & some nuts and seeds. I try to keep a balance of carbs/fruit/veg + protein + healthy fats for all my snacks and meals, this ensure you're getting all the goodness and will be full of nutrients! 

What are your favourite healthy snacks?

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