Sunday 23 February 2014

Exploring outdoors!

Sienna and I have been itching to get out for a walk. It seemed that ever since she's been able to walk steadily enough on her feet, the weather's been horrendous and I'd never got round to taking her for a 'proper' walk. By 'proper', I mean a walk where she actually walks herself and gets to explore, not where I bundle her into the pushchair and run to the shops and back.

The other afternoon we took advantage or the few dry hours we got and instead of the pushchair, I bundled her up in her new rather oversized coat! We took to the roads and I let her free. I obviously kept a very close eye on her but I also wanted to keep my distance slightly and see what she would do when left alone. Having never really explored outside, I was quite shocked when she picked up a stick and started digging the grass, how did she know what to do?! haha!

She was so interested by everything that was around her and the textures and smells, we spent ages looking at trees, leaves, stones, sticks and worms. It was a lovely afternoon and it made me realise that it's the simple things kids love, when she's bored I don't need to be the most imaginative mum in the world. In fact, it's sometimes the simple things we overlook and forget about. We will definitely be taking more walks in the future and I can't wait until the warmer days when we can take her to new places to explore!

What simple things do your kids love?

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