Saturday 1 February 2014

Toddler Treats; Valentines Brownies!

Not being a lover of cake/spongey textures, but a major chocoholic, brownies are my favourite sweet treat. Oodles of dark chocolate slowly melted together with sugar and buttery goodness. What more could you want?

I found this relatively simple recipe on baking mad and I pretty much followed it to a T, except I used light margarine as that is what I had on hand.

They were fun to make and Sienna got involved too with the stirring! Particularly when the chocolate and flour made pretty swirling patterns, she kept saying 'pretty pretty' like she does, hehe! She's so cute!
I baked it as one big brownie and then cut different sized hearts out with the pink cookie cutters! (from wilkinson if you're wondering!) Sienna helped me push on these to cut them, she did a good job!

When they'd cooled down, we started decorating which is when Sienna got really involved! We cut out some hearts and rolled some little balls from red ready to roll icing and got the pink & white hearts out we had left over from her first birthday. 

We had fun making some designs.. well, mummy did. Sienna enjoyed eating the icing ;) I think they look pretty good to be honest and they tasted SO yummy! I have been eating a bit too many this week, oops! 

They're a brilliant treat to make with your little ones as a gift for Valentine's Day! Check out the baking mad website for other ideas, I think next up I am going to try and learn how to make cupcakes properly! I always over do them and they go so dry, thats probably why we aren't fans of sponge anymore haha! I have also bought the ingredients to make the carrot cake recipe, I think I want to make them into individual cakes though so they are more portioned controlled! 

Will you be baking anything specifically for Valentines Day?


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