Monday 13 January 2014

Sunnies in Winter?

It may seem odd to wear sunglasses in Winter but I know I am not the only one on a cold morning, struggling to see past the bright sun bouncing back at me off the water drenched roads. At some points last week, I could not see a thing and had to slow right down to 15mph, hoping I didn't hit anything whilst praying my sight would return just a tiny bit within the next millisecond. Not really something I want to repeat, especially with Sienna in the car! So I have done the oddest thing, I have dusted off my beach bag and pulled out my sunnies. 

I'm not sure I have ever worn sunglasses in freezing temperatures but last week, it was clear I needed too. Nothing like a pair of sunnies with a big snood and jacket, hey? To be honest, I'm quite happy as these wonderful big sunglasses hide my always existent dark circles but better than any concealer can! I may take some tips from Victoria Beckham and resort to wearing them 24/7, sunglasses and pyjamas will be the big fashion trend for 2014, just you wait and see ;)

Do you wear sunnies in Winter?

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