Wednesday 15 January 2014

Online & Offline; Time out for tired mums!

Nothing really prepares you for the changes in life that having a baby will bring. You may have had boundless energy in your pre-parenting days, but once you’ve brought a baby home, you may find it hard to regain the energy levels you once had. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but unless you’ve got a perfectly behaved child or lots of help, it’s generally true to say that most evenings, by the time you’ve got baby to bed and had dinner, you’ll feel like just flopping on the sofa.

That’s not to say it’s a bad time, though. It can be wonderful, having those cosy times being a family, but every now and then, you’ll want to have a little break for yourself. In order to have that ‘me time’ you don’t necessarily need to go out, though. In fact you can factor in little breaks throughout the day, when you’re not being mum, you’re not being housemaid; you’re just taking a little time out for you. The baby’s nap times are a good example – why should you fill that precious time running around getting all the chores done, when you could get your feet up and relax for a few minutes?

One great way to do this is to find a game you enjoy playing online. There are many online bingo sites that boast a wide array of games and promotions. The competition is fierce and interested gamers should study each option to see which one is the best fit. 

 Starting your research with big names is advisable. You can click here for bgo bingo
and you’ll see how easy it is to sign up and start playing. You may be thinking bingo doesn’t sound like the most exciting choice – but that’s because you probably haven’t tried it yet. Online bingo is a craze that is sweeping the world at the moment – with more than 100 million players worldwide. It’s a game that has always been popular because it costs so little to play, yet the potential prizes are big. This still stands now the game is online, and indeed on many of the sites like bgo, you can also play for free once you’ve opened an account and made an initial deposit.

Signing up to a bingo site account is also worth doing as you get a welcome bonus when you first put money into a bingo account – usually the site will match your deposit or double it – meaning that the playing funds you have will stretch even further.

The other reason why bingo is such a good choice for flaked-out mums is that there’s no need for any effort to play. You simply choose which games to play and how many tickets to buy. You don’t need to listen out for the number calls, the software marks your cards automatically. This leaves you free to just relax while you watch the game’s progress, and watching the cards can be pretty hypnotic, or to chat with other players in the bingo chat rooms. The ability to chat with people whenever you feel like it can be a real boon for mums at home who sometimes feel a little isolated at home with the baby all day. Try out GameVillage bingo online today, and see how good it is for those five minute breaks from the daily routine.

*This post was written by Gemma Collier, a writer and mum of three

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