Monday 27 January 2014

Fun at 14 months

These past few weeks, Sienna has cut her naps down dramatically and is more full of energy than I have ever known her. Although this is hard work for me, I absolutely love it. I have definitely had to get creative to keep her occupied and have been trying to make every day fun and trying to go out more.

We started with her food as she was getting a bit fussy and bored of her usual meals. By making them into fun shapes and faces, she is more likely to eat it and it is more fun. It is also fun for me looking up what I can make and what ingredients I can use! It doesn't take much longer than normal but is a more enjoyable experience for both of us.

As well as making her food fun, I have been trying to find fun activities we can do together. Last week we danced and sung whilst playing her peppa pig guitar, done piggy back rides, baked and decorated brownies, went for a few walks, went shopping and had lunch out, used bath crayons and practised her puzzles and shape sorting.

It doesn't sound like much but she loves it. Even if it is just the washing we are doing, I try to make it into a game or we count of something, anything so she isn't bored. I love her little giggle so try to hear it as much as possible. I have seen her personality grow even more with these activities and I feel like we are closer. As cringey as it sounds, I do feel like we are best friends. We are always together, I know everything about her, what her little noises mean and what she wants when she makes different faces.

I'm so excited for the next few months/years when we can do a lot more together and Sienna can get properly involved with the baking. I hope we stay as close as she grows up, me and my mum were quite close and still are, even though I used to tell her she was going in a care home at 50, haha! Obviously, I've changed my mind now ;)

How do you have fun with your kids? Any ideas for us?

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