Monday 23 December 2013

Weekend round up #2: Christmas Festivities!

This weekend Warren had no football so we had a whole weekend together which was lovely! On Saturday we got up and quickly nipped to Yeovil. I had ran out of my Clinique skin care so needed to repurchase and we got a few staples from Tesco for Sienna. I thought I'd share my outfit as it was one of those I just threw on but then actually quite liked it!

We then went back to Warren's dad's for lunch and to watch Liverpool play (couldn't get away from the footie completely could I)! After lunch, we all enjoyed some Jelly Babies which Sienna took a liking too, sugar rush mode engaged! 

She seemed to be in such a giggly mood for some reason, she loved playing with the cat most of the time we were there, she was having a whale of a time. She has seen cats before at other people's houses but never really been interested in them, maybe she has only just realised they can play with her!
Talking of the giggly mode, she found it hysterical when Grandad was bouncing the ball in his hand! I took this quick video and it was so cute, it's so nice to see her laughing so much!

We came home from there and just chilled out for the night with my Brother and his girlfriend.
Sunday, we had to tackle the Christmas shopping! Apart from a few bits we got Sienna, we had no-one else's presents, call it late or what! I dressed in red and tartan to get me in the festive spirit and put my heeled boots on so people knew I meant business, stomping around the shops!

 We prepared for the worst as everyone winced when we said what we were doing but actually it was probably the most stress-free, successful shopping trip we have ever had! Nothing went wrong, it was soo quiet and we got everyone some great presents in under 2 hours, mission accomplished! We treated ourselves to a Subway for lunch and then made our way back home to get ready for early Christmas lunch at my mums! We won't be having lunch with my mum this year on Christmas day so she wanted to do it this Sunday. I had been looking forward to it all week, nothing is as good as your mum's roast dinner!

We dressed up a bit as it's Christmas after all! This was my outfit and I actually really liked it, clearly loving my jeans this weekend! I also found out some jewellery I have had for ages but never worn, I loved it! 

Sienna wore her pretty new dress from Emma Levine. It is the June embroidery dress and it is so pretty! I love the embroidery around the neck and the colour is beautiful, I think it really suits Sienna. It is perfect for layering up on winter days and goes with so many different colours, they have some lovely items so check them out if you're on the hunt for baby clothes!

Because we were all dressed up, we tried to get some family pictures although Sienna and the light wouldn't co-operate! Never mind! I shared the best of them on my Instagram! After our lovely roast, we had some coffee, chocolates and played a few games. All in all, it was a lovely evening and a great pre-christmas weekend, it has made me so excited! 2 days to go!

What have you been up too?

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