Friday 6 December 2013

Sometimes, it's just a bad week.

Some people say that you make your own luck and by thinking positively, you will get a more positive response from life and luck. I agree to a certain extent but some people are just more lucky than others. I am however, quite unlucky. Nothing ever goes to plan or goes smoothly, we are always up against a problem or situation. 

I remember Warren saying to me before we got together that he thinks he is a fairly lucky person, everything seems to work itself out. That was until we got together, haha! Ever since, it feels like we have had the worst luck in the world. 

This week has been a pretty tough one, the toughest in a while so I thought sharing it would help get things off my chest! Now I am not saying I have no luck, I KNOW there are a million people that are worse off than me and I am incredibly lucky to have my family, Warren, Sienna and the house and life we have. I am lucky we do have the NHS and live in this country. But some weeks, I still feel like everything is spiralling downhill and I can't help that; we all go through ups and downs with our emotions.

Some of you may have gathered that we attended a funeral on Monday. They are obviously not a happy or joyous occasion and it does affect your mood. Sienna helped keep a smile on everyone face as you can't be sad when she is giggling and being so cute. I am so grateful she was happy and so good throughout the 2 days. Although we did have 3 poop explosions within the 7 hour car journey up there on Sunday and she wouldn't sleep in the hotel, made it even worse and more stressful. 

Tuesday I was still tired and trying to get back into some kind of routine. I completely forgot I was supposed to be meeting a friend so had to cancel as I just couldn't face it. It would have probably done me good but neither Sienna or I was ready and the house was a tip! Not to mention the washing Sienna supplied us with!.

Wednesday, Sienna had her 1 year injections which was fine. We took a trip to Morrison's after as we needed a few bits and bobs. I got to the till to pay and realised I didn't have my card! ARGH how embarrassing. I only had a bit of cash on me so just got milk for Sienna and left the rest. I haven't been back as I am still pretty embarrassed! 

Thursday I went to Lidl and things weren't too bad! Although for some reason I got Warren Shower gel instead of deodorant, whoops haha! It's like my brain just can't function this week. 

I know some of these things are only little but it's one of those weeks where the smallest thing annoys or upsets me, it must be my hormones.. sometimes I hate being a female! To top it off, I have had some random number ringing me all week asking about personal injury claims and all that. Today I actually snapped and told them to stop ringing me, I'm not interested and won't answer the phone if they ring again! I do regret being so harsh as they are only doing their job but they have caught me on a bad week I'm afraid!

Today I am just staying in all day with Sienna as I have woken up with a sore throat, runny nose and headache, great! I will just be playing with Sienna, drinking green tea and trying to keep a smile on my smile, especially as we are doing Vlogmas! Sometimes it is nice to just hibernate and re-coup ready to face the world next week for (hopefully) some better days!

How do you deal with a bad week?

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