Sunday 29 December 2013

Some Things That I Love #2

I'm back with another 'Some Things I Love' this week and most of it will be Christmas related no doubt.. nope, I'm not sorry!

Something I read...
All our Christmas cards! We always get so many I have nowhere to put them, next year I need to find some card holders that I like!

Some thing I watched...

I got Warren Micky Flanagan's new DVD for Christmas so we watched it Christmas night, it is hilarious! We love him the best I think :)

Some thing I wore...

My Christmas nails! I decided to do something a bit funky and I love them! I think I will try and do a bit more nail art from now on, it looks so pretty and is a bit more than just an accent nail.

Some thing I listened to...
Michael Buble's Christmas album has been on here and there all week, it's the best thing to get into the festive spirit, especially whilst wrapping presents on Christmas eve!

Some thing I cannot live without...

Roast dinners! Mmmm... I could eat that all again!

What have you been loving?

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