Friday 20 December 2013

Koo-di Bath Time Accessories & Blanket

We received our first box of goodies from Koo-di last week after announcing we had been chosen as Ambassadors for them. I was so excited I couldn't wait to see what we got and Sienna soon picked up on my enthusiasm and was suddenly screeching with joy while trying to pull the products out the box.

With a little help from mummy, she got them out of the box and was wowed by the dots and bright colours. I have to say I was impressed as well, they are perfect for babies and toddlers and really help make safety more fun.

Sienna's favourite is the Bath tap protector, she is going through a stage of loving balls at the moment and this vaguely resembles a ball so I'll give her that one! 

As well as it being a great, easy to fit, safety feature and looking fun for kids, I love how it has the heat spots that change colour, it gives Sienna a visual that it is hot, she can see it has changed and learn that it is hot rather than us just saying 'don't touch'. It is soft yet durable and mildew resistant which is great for all products that are used and stored in bathrooms, I think I need one for every hot tap!

The next thing we got is the Parent kneeling mat, this is brilliant for when I am bathing Sienna on my own. It's is quite padded so as well as being kind to my knees, it gives me that little extra bit of height I need to reach over into the bath rather than squashing myself against it. It's also non slip and the thing I love most about it (as well as looking after my knees) is that it has a handy hanging hook, so it hangs perfectly on the back of Sienna's bathroom door to store it! Great for our shortage or storage.

For when we are out of the bath and all dried, we also have a gorgeous fluffy baby blanket to snuggle up in for story time. Again it has the bright, colourful dots around the trim that draws Sienna's attention. The actual 'fluff' is super soft and I have actually found myself stroking it as well, haha, the other side is more velvety so is a great mix of warm textures for little ones. Sienna loves the feel of both and quite often snuggles into it on the floor, we also use it in her cot or the car as an extra layer. It's come in quite handy because it is the perfect size, not too big like some blankets!

We're all really impressed with Koo-di and these products. They have really targeted kids with the colour and pattern and wowed parents with the safety features combined with the ease of use; all winning qualities for what we'd call a brilliant family brand!

What do you think? 
Do these appeal to you and your kids?

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