Thursday 12 December 2013

Great Gizmos Goodies!

Great Gizmos Review

Great Gizmos offers a range of baby and children's toys of the finest quality from around the world. I hadn't heard of some of the brands they offer before so I was excited to receive this box of goodies and try them out. 

We received a very generous 5 items and a little discount code too! Here is what we got...

Mouse Arm Bracelet. 
Great Gizmos Review

Sienna never had one of these but I can see how a baby would be intrigued by the noise when they are moving and help them become aware of their surroundings. This is a little young for Sienna now but I am definitely storing it away for baby number 2!

Lamb with Teether
Great Gizmos Review

This is adorable! I love the pastel colours of this which is different to the usual, brighter colours normally used for baby toys. This is also the only teether I have found that is a good size width ways and also flat enough to fit in a babies mouth. 

Great Gizmos Review

No baby's toy collection is complete without a few cuddly toys. These are super soft which is what you want with new, sensitive skin. The penguin is a little key ring so you can hang it off the changing bag as an added little toy!

My First Baby Book
Great Gizmos Review

This has to be my favourite item. I am a sucker for wooden toys anyway but this book is just so lovely! It has wooden covers with thick fabric pages and each page has different textures, materials and animals to help children to learn and use their senses.

Great Gizmos Review

The pictures are simple yet bright to stimulate little eyes and brains. There is also a ladybird that squeaks and velcros onto each page, a mirror and a pop up rainbow. It has fabric straps with velcro so it can be attached to the cot or pushchair.  I have never seen anything like this before which is what I love about it and as it is made from wood and thick fabric, it is sure to last for years to come! I hope this is something Sienna and baby number 2 can get lots of enjoyment out of and maybe even keep to give to their children?!

If you're looking for some brilliant quality and innovative products babies or children, Great Gizmos is the place to go. They don't stop at just toys either, they even do changing bags and feeding sets!

What's your favourite item from Great Gizmos?


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