Friday 1 November 2013

Things I look forward too in winter!


It feels like we completely skip Autumn in this country and go straight to Winter. These days I'm not too bothered as I am lucky enough to be at home with Sienna and most days we don't have to go anywhere if we don't want too. Even so, the things I look forward too are pretty much all to do with staying warm!

I think the thing I look forward too the most is hot chocolates! I am the biggest chocoholic and a warm, milky hot chocolate with marshmallows is the perfect pit stop on a chilly day's shopping. Coming in a close second is a lovely warm bed to crawl into at night. I get too hot with the heating on all night so an electric blanket is a must have to heat the bed a few hours before.

I think jumpers are a must have for everyone. I find New Look always have a great range of cosy winter hoodies & sweaters which is good as there is one pretty local to me. Sticking with the fashion theme; boots. I loooove wearing boots and layering up, it's comfy, warm and you don't have to feel self conscious as everything is covered up and tucked away. These ones are from H&M and are just perfect for winter. My suede ones get ruined in the rain so I think I need some new ones.... ;)

When I'm not out and in my boots, I live in slipper socks. They are so cosy and much more comfy than slippers. You can get some really cute seasonal ones or just plain slipper socks like these from Fat Face.  Inside my slipper socks and boots, I still like to have pretty nails and I really look forward to wearing darker colours; navy, darker reds and greys are amongst my favourites.

What do you look forward too in Winter?

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