Monday 18 November 2013

Sienna's OOTD #1!

I thought I'd get Sienna in on the OOTD's as these day she has a better wardrobe than me! ;) Especially after her birthday, she got some lovely bits and I wanted to share how I styled some of the items she got or just how they look on her. 

Please excuse the rather awkward poses and dazed, grumpy look on her face but 1) It's hard to photograph toddlers, especially when tired and 2) She actually got really ill a couple hours after these photos so probably wasn't feeling great, little did we know :( 

Her coat is from F&F at Tesco and I love it! She has worn it everyday, it is warm and goes with a lot of her Autumn outfits as most of them are in the same colour spectrum. The print is gorgeous and I love the details of the fur trim around the hood and the toggles. Her pullover is also from F&F at Tesco, I like how it's thin so I can layer it. It's very pink and girlie which of course we love! 

I actually can't remember where these leggings are from but probably somewhere like Tesco, Primark or Matalan! I like how they match the fur on her coat and are a neutral non girlie colour, although we do love our pink, I don't like her in head to toe pink anymore! Are't the boots from Primark just the cutest?! I wasn't aware Primark actually did baby shoes in sizes (3,4 etc) rather than just the regular months, until recently. I love the soft baby pink colour and they fit her very well, I love the velcro down the side, it makes putting boots on a toddler a little bit easier! 

I hope you enjoyed Sienna's first OOTD, hopefully after a couple more we will both get the hang of it and the pictures will be better! 

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