Monday 11 November 2013

Naty Nappies Review

Naty eco friendly nappies review

Nappies are one of those items I always feel bad buying. You see, I feel 'naughty' using disposable nappies as I know it takes around 500 years for a standard nappy to decompose and as a nation, the UK produces around 8 million in ONE day!! It's not as if we can even start using them sparingly to cut down on the waste so another option has to be taken into consideration. 

I thought cloth nappies were the only other option and that is not something that really appeals to me. I already have an overflowing washing basket every week day, so I wouldn't want to add to that. Warren doesn't seem a fan of the idea either.

Naty Nappies are genuinely the greenest nappy widely available on the UK high street that live up to regular nappies in terms of dryness and no leaking. They contain 70% biodegradable, natural, renewable materials and are chlorine and fragrance free. This makes them a perfect alternative for me as they are just as easy to use and dispose of as regular nappies but I know I am doing my bit for the environment and being more eco friendly. It helps give me a much clearer conscience! 

Naty eco friendly nappies review

We were sent a pack in Sienna's size to try out and I must say we are impressed and will be heading to Boots to pick some more up... here's why. They use a cornstarch leakage barrier which is obviously much more natural than the plastic that is normally used and also allows the skin to breath more, helping things like nappy rash. We could definitely tell a difference in the materials used, they feel much less plasticy which is brilliant but they still fitted and performed very well. 

Naty eco friendly nappies review

They are only a couple of pounds dearer although you do get slightly less in a packet but I don't think it is too bad considering how much better they are for the environment and babies skin. I try to make sure I give Sienna a healthy diet and only use organic skincare products on her, so why undo all that work by using nappies full of chemicals and oils? I know for sure that as long as we have those extra couple of pounds, these are the nappies we will be buying from now on! 

Naty also offer toiletries, wipes and even organic clothing, check them out here.

Do you use Naty nappies?

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