Thursday 7 November 2013

Guest Post; What I'd like to wear for the coming holidays.

Holiday season is fast approaching and this could only mean one thing – parties! Whichever way you look around, you can already feel the Yuletide spirit and all the people are getting ready for their respective family and social gatherings. Are you prepared for the festivities of this time of the year? I myself have done some early preparations to avoid the holiday rush of shopping for party dresses. Here are some of the cocktail dresses that I’d like to wear for the coming holidays:

I got this from one of the lovely dresses from the green guide. I think is perfect for office parties and other social events that I’m going to attend this coming December.

On the other hand, I got this dress from Macy’s. I’ve heard that they are already selling gowns and dresses at reasonable prices so I took some time to visit one of their branches and I was very lucky because they were also having an off the rack sale! Isn’t this a steal?

And as for these dresses, I bought these from JCrew. These shops always provide gorgeous dresses that will surely fit for the Christmas season. I think these will be suitable for our family reunions.
So far, these are some of the dresses I have bought for myself so that I can wear for the Holidays. Hopefully, you also liked my choices and be enticed to check out the stores that I have mentioned.

*This is a sponsored post.

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