Sunday 10 November 2013

Choosing the right coat for your body type with George at Asda

Winter is coming, and already the chill is starting to set in. Thermostats across the country are beginning to be dusted off in preparation for the big freeze in the next few months, and scarves, boots and hats are being retrieved from the backs of cupboards ready to face the elements. It is around this time of year, when faced with the first crisp morning, that you discover your long suffering coat now has moth holes or has worn so thin it wouldn’t keep out even the mildest of cold snaps.

A new coat is something of an investment. That said, it needn’t cost the earth - there are some great coats by George at ASDA that are good quality, stylish and affordable. As a child you would have a new coat each school year as part of your back to school kit. As an adult however, you don’t grow out of clothes and you expect it to last at least a few winters. This means that when it comes to this wardrobe essential you need to find “the one”. The coat that can be worn both for best, and on a quick jaunt to the shops without looking out of place. The temptation can be to buy something oversized that can be thrown over several layers and serve the sole function of keeping you cosy. By working with your body type however, you can find a coat that both keeps the heat in and looks stylish at the same time. Here are some tips for the most common British body types.

Most women in the UK fall under this category, and there are many great cuts and styles of clothes that suit your body shape. The best way to dress a pear-shaped figure is to draw attention to the upper half, giving the illusion of balance to your hips. Try a coat with detailing on the collar or chest area to bring the focus to this area. In terms of cut, you should go for something slightly longer that falls to your bum rather than your hips as this will be most flattering to the lower half of your body. There are some great designs in the collection of women’s clothes from George so you can afford to look fab this winter.

An hour-glass figure is arguably the most enviable of all body types. You have the curves that most women can only dream of, with a nipped in waist enhancing your feminine frame. When it comes to coats you don’t want to hide this fantastic silhouette and, despite multiple layers, you can still show off the womanly body underneath. Your best friend should be a belted coat that pulls in at the waist thus showing off what nature gave you.

Your coat will be the staple of your autumn winter wardrobe, and you will wear it almost daily. This means you need one that you really love, and that is stylish as well as functional.

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