Monday 25 November 2013

A twist on the traditional Christmas card!

I'll let you into a secret, we have never sent Christmas cards. We get the 'special' cards for our mums, dads, siblings etc, but we have never sent the generic christmas themed card to everyone and their dog. I don't know about you but I am not really one for cards. I just find them a waste of time, a few days/weeks after the event they just go in the bin. I wonder how much money is just binned every year!  

This year, because we have Sienna and are a 'proper' family. I feel like we should sent christmas cards.. even if it is a waste of money. I've been looking into it and I'm thinking about making a Christmas poster/flyer instead. Just an A5 good quality one with a christmas themed family picture and some nice wording. It just seems to me a better option than cards, everyone can get the same one, there is no need to put names on it or anything, making it much easier and quicker to do. 

Pixel2print offer cheap prices on posters, flyers, leaflets and banners so I am thinking they would be a great shout! You can get 200 A5 flyers for only £20.00 which is amazing! I also think if you do it well, people my be inclined to keep them as well, which makes it more worth while!

We better get started on those family Christmas photos...

Do you send christmas cards?
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