Saturday 26 October 2013

What to do with those old clothes & stuffs?!

If you watch my YouTube videos you may have seen on my day in the life that I started clearing out the 3rd floor. It was/is my craft room and is basically a dumping ground. So far, I have sorted all the wardrobe out, it is now just housing all of Sienna's baby things for the next one and all our christmas bits & bobs. We don't have anywhere to really store those bits as the attic is out of bounds, so storage is a bit tricky. 

I chucked a lot of things out but I have bin bags full of clothes, shoes, bags and those nick nacks that are too good to throw out but you don't want anymore. I have been thinking about what I can do with them. We were going to do a boot sale but I don't fancy doing it in the cold and rain, to chance coming home with it all again! I don't really want to hang on to it until the better weather comes either before of the storage issue! 

I tried eBay but after a couple of times relisting my items, I gave up! I remembered musicMagpie as Warren used it a couple of years ago to sell all his unwanted CDs! I knew musicMagpie would be perfect to sell all my unwanted clothes and stuff. It's so easy to use. I like how I can find out there and then, by scanning the barcode or entering the brand and garment name (clever!) if they accept my item and what price I will get for it. Then with the money I make, I can go and spend on new storage systems! haha!

Since my last decluttering session, I have tried Ziffit as I kept seeing them on the tv ads and had heard they offered a good payout too. They don't accept clothes, but did take all my old books, cds, dvds and games off my hands, which gave me some extra cash.

What do you do with your old items?

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