Friday 4 October 2013

My Ultimate Christmas Present!*

Whilst pondering my christmas wish list the other day, I was thinking about something I would love to do that wasn't a conventional 'present' and more an experience. I didn't have to think for very long as I have always wanted to see Beyonce live in concert. I love Beyonce and can't believe I still haven't got round to seeing her! It is on my bucket list to do before I die, if I ever get round to it! haha! 

I have never actually been to a concert before to watch someone on tour, not that I can remember! Unfortunately, Beyonce isn't back in the UK for a while so I will be waiting a little longer although there are a few other people I wouldn't mind seeing this year. The boyzone tour 2013 would be great for me as I loved boyzone when I was little and some of the songs have some great memories for me! I think I'd take my mum as I know she loved a couple of their songs too and it would make a great christmas present that is something a little different! 

What would be your ultimate present? Who would you love to see in concert?

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