Thursday 3 October 2013

My Christmas Wish list!


As much as you don't want to admit it, Christmas is creeping up on us! (82 days to be exact..) Now I am a Mum I am trying to be organised this year instead of leaving it until the mad rush on christmas eve. As a parent, christmas is all about your children and we kind of get forgotten about. Never the less, I have still allowed myself to think of what I would like to receive on christmas morning.

There's a few beauty items I have been after for a while, MAC's Vanilla pigment is one of them. I haven't got round to buying it because I keep telling myself there must be a cheaper alternative. However, I just can't find anything that compares. This highlights beautifully and looks amazing on the cheekbones. It is quite expensive for a small pot but would last forever as you really don't need much! The other beauty item is the Naked basics palette. I only realised the other day I don't actually have any matte brown/neutral eyeshadows. I love the way a matte contoured eye looks with a darker lip for Autumn/Winter so this palette would be perfect to create those looks, I could also use it for my eyebrows so it would be a handy little palette.

Next on my list is some winter boots. Mine from last year are ruined and this year I really fancy some over the knee boots. I keep going to my New Look near me but they don't have these in yet, I will keep a look out though as I think I need them already, the weather is so horrible here!

Something else I would love is a standing floor length mirror for my bedroom. We are currently trying to redo the house a bit as we haven't decorated at all since we moved in. This would make a nice addition next to my new make-up storage!

The last thing is this Insulated mason jar. It might seem a bit boring to some people but I get excited over the smallest things. This would be great for my smoothies and protein shakes next summer!

What do you want for Christmas this year?

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