Friday 18 October 2013

If I have a boy...

Boys nursery decor

I have got to that stage of broodiness that I have started tidying the house, getting things organised and ready to swap rooms for the new arrival. Anyone would think that I was 'nesting' until they realise I am not even pregnant! We are not trying for baby number 2 yet but I do let my head run away with ideas!

I am 99% sure we will have a boy next time, but then again I thought Sienna was a boy the whole way through as well! If it was a boy, I already know that I would like a boat theme, I just think it is so cute for boys and is still suitable as they get a little bit older. This set is gorgeous and I like how it incorporates other colours as well as the blue.

 I also want to go for oak nursery furniture instead of the white Sienna has as again I just find it more boyish, haha! The baby would go in the smallest room and Sienna would move into our room, then we would go up to the top floor which at the moment is a complete tip! The smallest room is a box room and Sienna is out growing it already, she has a lot of stuff. This cot bed would be perfect with the extra storage underneath, I think that would help so much as we would have to be clever about the space we use. Now this has made me all excited for a baby boy... Woops!

What theme did you have for a boy?
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