Tuesday 15 October 2013

His and Hers Walking Essentials


We live in Somerset which is very picturesque in some parts and great for country walking. In Autumn/Winter, I love nothing more than getting wrapped up nice and warm and going for a good long walk, to then come home and warm up with a long shower and get snuggled down for the evening. 

As I am rather fashion conscious, it is still important for me to look good and not just chuck on any old clothes, even if no one except Sienna & Warren will see me! House of Bruar offers a great range of stylish country clothing.  The women's country clothing has the country feel because of the backbone being tweeds and plaid but also has the more stylish range of leather and fur added in so there is something for everything, not only walking. I love this hoody, it looks super cosy and warm and it's pink, perfect! This Gilet from Joules would be perfect over the top, I love the navy and pink together. The spotty wellibob's tie everything together and are a bit more flattering than regular wellies. All these items are my essentials for walking! They are all practical, stylish and keep me warm! 

The country clothing for men had the same tweed and plaid theme running through it but a little less fur ;) The breeks and boots above are just what I imagine when I think of a country man, haha! And the jacket is nice and warm but I like the contrast between the breeks as it is a little more relaxed and casual looking! 

What's your walking essentials? 
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