Friday 20 September 2013

The Toadstool Christmas Wish list!

The Toadstool

The Toadstool have some beautiful toys for little ones and I have put together a little christmas wish list that I would love to be able to get for Sienna! Toadstool focus mainly on high quality pre-school toys that help stimulate and focus children on learning in a fun way. As Sienna will be just over 13 months old when Christmas roles around (it's not that long folks!) I feel it's about time we really started getting her some toys that initiate learning.

My favourite thing has the be this little kitchen, it is perfect for 12+ months as the front is all soft and as Sienna loves being in kitchen's so much (weird I know!), I think it's very fitting for her. She can learn what they are actually for! I also like the fact that it acts as storage as well so would be a great addition for her room and is still useful when she grows out of using it as a toy.

Keeping with the storage theme, I chose this toy storage basket as well. We have limited storage in our house, there isn't many cupboards or anything so we have to be a bit creative and choose wisely. This would help massive, either in Sienna's bedroom or in the living room. It's much prettier than a lot of other storage solutions and I know she would have so much fun with the little secret door at the bottom playing peek a boo with her teddies!

The sevilla building blocks are for 18+ months but I think if we were watching her she could use them a bit sooner. I like these in particular because they have many different sensory effects such as different textures, a rattle, a bell, a mirror, magnifier, peep hole etc. Much more fun and educational that the traditional rather plain building blocks and looks like a big castle, win win!

Now, I will admit, the lucky toadstool blanket isn't really an education toy, but it doesn't look cute and is functional so I guess this is more of a present for mummy! It would come in super handy for our trips to Liverpool as Sienna could use it as a pillow and the blanket is inside. I've never really seen anything so cute so I had to include it!

The Metalophone is one I would probably regret after about 5 minutes but I think it's important for kids to make noise and discover new things. I would definitely try to encourage Sienna to play an instrument when she is a bit older so this would be a great starting point, she also loves to dance to music so she would enjoy it I'm sure!

Although Sienna will more than likely be walking by christmas, this pram would still be great for her to  use her imagination and play with her dolls. She can already recognise babies and strokes their face and says 'ahh' so I am pretty sure she will be into her dollies, I can't wait for that stage!

Last but not least, I chose the soft skittles. I think this is one daddy could enjoy playing with her and teaching her how to do it. I can imagine them in the garden next summer having so much fun with these! I also like the fact they are soft as maybe baby number 2 would be here by then (who knows?!) and they will be safe and spongy around the baby!

I absolutely love each and every one of these toys and I wish I could get them all for Sienna to go under the christmas tree this year! I feel christmas is the best time to spoil your little ones and if baby number 2 does come along, this would be Sienna's only christmas on her own where she understands a bit more (last christmas she was 6 weeks old and just slept!) so I want to make it extra special for our little princess!

I have created this wish list on my pinterest as well incase you are more of a pinaholic :)

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