Tuesday 10 September 2013

Chest of drawers makeover with the Bosch glue pen

Bosch gluepen
Bosch gluepen* RRP £29.99

On my mission to re-do the house, I have decided to tackle our bedroom first as I want to have our own space that is nice and organised, I feel it's more important now we have Sienna. This chest of drawers was given to us by my mum and I have had it upstairs broken for a while. Last weekend, I decided to tackle it and make it look pretty to hold all of my make-up, skincare, haircare and nail polishes. I always moan I have nowhere to store all my bits and bobs and knew this would be perfect.

I custom mixed my paint to fit the colour scheme I have in mind and got painting the whole thing. I actually used a sponge so it was a smooth finish and there was no brush strokes and it turned out so well! It also dried really quickly which was brilliant. I like the whole more rustic/distressed look so I added some gold and brown paint to the edges to make it look more worn. For the handles I wanted a contrast and pick the gold as I want the accents of the room to be gold against greens and greys. 

When it was all painted and dry, it was time to put it together and fix it. To do this I used the Bosch cordless glue pen*. It was pretty broken and I needed it to be strong to hold all my products, this was perfect. It didn't take long to charge and then once it's charged it is cordless which is so handy to get into the corners and everything. The glue comes out really well but doesn't spill out unlike my other glue gun I have and the nib makes it really accurate. The glue dried in literally seconds and gives a really strong hold. I'm very impressed with it and will definitely be using it for all my other projects around the house! 

I gave it a quick coat of wax and it was done! I love it and I think it looks great even if I do say so myself! ;) It's now in my bedroom storing all my girly things with candles and perfume on top just as I imagined! 

What do you think? How do you store all your products? 

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