Sunday 29 September 2013

Beanies Coffee Review

Beanies flavoured coffee review
Beanies flavoured coffee review
Beanies flavoured coffee review

In the past couple of years, my love has grown stronger and stronger and now I simple cannot function without it. Of course, I am talking about coffee. I loved coffee before having Sienna but now it is an essential part of my day. Sometimes I make sure I get up super early so me and my coffee can have some alone time and enjoy each other.

Beanies kindly sent me some of their instant flavoured coffee to try and I was keen to try and see if it excited things a little bit. I chose the Rich Hazelnut and the Double Chocolate as in my eyes, coffee, hazelnut & chocolate are the perfect trio. 

As soon as the postman delivered them I had to smell them as that is how I know a good coffee. They both smelt beautiful and I couldn't wait to have my first cup. I chose the Hazelnut first and it was delicious! Very nutty with the coffee as the under-taste and with my almond milk it was quite creamy. With Warren's mum being as big a coffee lover as me, we invited her up to try them. She chose the Hazelnut too and said it was delicious, she has her coffee black. Next we tried the chocolate and although it was nice, I much prefer the Hazelnut. The chocolate one just didn't taste as I had expected. 

I love these coffee's as they have no chemicals, no syrups or sugar and have only 2 calories per serving. This means I can enjoy a little treat without ruining my clean eating. We love these so much that we have already repurchased ourselves. They have selected flavours available exclusively at Sainsbury's for only £2.50 per jar, which I think is great as I don't have them every time I drink coffee, only as a treat so they last a while. All other flavours are available on their website. 

What's your favourite flavour? 

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