Friday 9 August 2013

SWEETS by Ashby Treats!

If you're following my VEDA videos on my YouTube you will have already seen this but I thought I'd post about it too as sweets make me like a kid at christmas and these look so pretty! We normally only get sweets either at the cinema or as a 'treat' when we're on a road trip to somewhere. 

On our trip to Liverpool on Saturday, we stopped in the services to get our stash but I was in a pretty healthy mood so was on the hunt for some sugar free sweets. I couldn't find any but I had sweets on my mind so couldn't resist and ended up with regular ones after deciding what to get. For extortionate prices may I add. 

When we got home I thought I'd have a google for sugar free sweets (because I love to google everything) and came across Ashby treats. I had a play around on the website to see what they did and got carried away. What sold it for me was the fact you can fill your own box, you don't need to make a choice, you can have them all! Well, twelve..! They also offer a selection of sugar free sweets so I can still enjoy some of my favourite treats on a 'healthy' day. I got rhubarb & custard and dandelion & burdock. 

I got some of my favourites including caramel cups, milk gums & dark chocolate brazil nuts for my cheat days. I also let Warren choose 2 bags for him (I know, so generous!) but unfortunately when we received the box they had to substitute them as they were out of stock. Being such big sweetie lovers it didn't really matter as we both love all the others anyway and will happily eat every last one. 

I wouldn't order these all the time but I think it would be cheaper in the long run to order this before if we know we have a few road trips coming up. I think the novelty of getting a massive box of pick 'n' mix delivered to my door all nicely packaged is why I got so excited.

Have you ever ordered anything like this before?  

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