Wednesday 7 August 2013

Never Give Up On Things That Make You Smile!

This bracelet* is my newest obsession when it comes to accessories. Day to day I don't normally wear bracelets but I have been wearing this one non stop. It's from Speechless Bracelets and is gilded with 18k gold, it feels luxurious and is great quality. It comes with a clasp that keeps the bracelet securely on so it won't just fall off unlike some other bracelets I have had. The design is simple which I love but has the meaningfulness of the quote inscribed.. It reads 'Never give up on things that make you smile' which I think is so lovely!

It comes packaged beautifully as you can see & would make a lovely gift. They also offer them in platinum and rose-gold and the choice of 2 other quotes. I think they would look beautiful stacked up, maybe the same colours but all different quotes or different quotes and colours. Whichever, they would look stunning!

Speechless Bracelets are priced at €49.99 and you can get yours here!

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Do you like meaningful pieces? How would you stack yours? 

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