Tuesday 27 August 2013

Lunch ideas for babies/toddlers with Warburtons!*

When I first started weaning Sienna onto 'proper' finger foods, I found lunch really difficult. For breakfast she loved her cereal or toast and for dinner, she would have a bit of the veg/potato etc. we were having but I found my lunch unsuitable for her to share and struggled on ideas. 

Whilst shopping in Tesco I saw the Warburtons sandwich thins and thought they'd be perfect. They are thinner that bread which is much easier for Sienna to eat and are so versatile. Even I have been enjoying them for lunches or with sausages for a naughty breakfast!

Sienna is also partial to the sausage sandwich but her favourite way to eat these sandwich thins is as 'baby pizza'. I take a sandwich thin, spread on some tomato puree and top with bits of mozzarella and some chopped up cherry tomatoes. I then grill it for just a few minutes so the cheese melts, let it cool down (of course!) and then serve it to her. Although it is pretty messy, I love that she enjoys them! :)

Other ways Sienna enjoys these is as soldiers with scrambled eggs, with peanut butter & fruit spread on, and other combinations of pizza. We have recently introduced her to turkey ham and she absolutely loves it! So ham and pineapple pizza has been a winner too!

Warburtons have been making a series of episodes that ensures to liven up 2 families lunch hours. They have been battling it out to see who can make the best lunch, something I feel like I do every day! It is hard to keep Sienna happy as she prefers variety and tends to get used to something and no longer likes it as much. This series is helpful for getting even more ideas for kids any age!

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What do you make for your kids' lunch?

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