Saturday 31 August 2013

Hydro Silk Razor.

Wilkinson sword hydro silk razor
Wilkinson sword hydro silk razor

Shaving is not something I usually talk about on the blog or even admit too. I always feel that because I'm a qualified beauty therapist, people expect me to be waxed. However, I find waxing so painful that I actually shave all the time. I was sent this Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor to try out & I thought why not, even though it meant admitting to my secret! 

I've been using this for maybe a week now and I'm impressed! I haven't had to use another blade as they are still sharp and haven't worn down really quickly. The moisturising serum is great, you don't even feel like you are shaving as it glides over the skin with no tugging. I haven't cut myself once yet (touch wood) which is a massive bonus for me! This is definitely because of the silkiness of the shave. It also comes with the suction pad so you can store it in the shower and access is easily. 
I'd recommend this if you, like me, shave and not wax. It is worth the money as it lasts so long and gives such a nice shave!

Do you shave or wax?  

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